Monday, January 7, 2008

Uh Oh

Sorry, no picture today because the internet is being slow and won't upload. So today was a really good day, depending on how you look at it. It was finally sunny, therefore much warmer luckily. It was really the first day that I was actually excited about being here...don't hate me, please. I had some caffeine (i was this stuff that you mix into hot water so i'm not sure...) and I was looking forward to meeting the people in my program. So Janine and I went to the orientation, and after sitting there for awhile talking to a nice Finnish girl named Hainie, I found out that I'm actually supposed to be here a week later than now since I won't be taking all my classes in English. Yes, you got it---I could've booked my ticket for a week later than I did, and now I have nothinggg to do for a whole other week. That may sound awesome, me being free to explore wherever for a whole other week, but at that point I had not really met anyone so all I could think about was that I was going to be alone without Janine (since she was in the right place) left to do who knows what. But, I decided to be calm, cool, and collected about it and went on a tour that I wasn't supposed to be on with a crazy Polish student as the guide who spoke fluent French, English with a British accent, and popped out a bit of German to a German student in the group, too.
I must tell you, the French youth here are quite intimidating. They have impeccable taste in clothing (always wearing black with amazing leather shoes/boots) and they smoke and their hair is always perfect (especially the men---always have product in their hair) and they just look really cool like they stepped out of a magazine. All of them. Not exagerrating. The stereotypes are in fact true. Anyways I met another girl from Georgtown who was in the same boat as me (I wasn't the only one---like 10 other people had the same misfortune) and we are hopefully going to hang out this week. The de Lachaise famille didn't see it as a misfortune at all when I got home and told them..."one more week of vacation!" they said, "Ce n'est pas une probleme! Go to Paris for a day! Shop les soldes!" which are giant sales that France has during certain period of the year since their sales are regulated. They are hilariousss by the way. The kids were bargaining with their dad how much weight he should lose for the daughter's wedding this summer. He said 5 kilos, they said 20. So, we'll see. I'm going to a meeting tomorrow to check out some classes and then we'll see what happens. A demain!

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Eileen said...

Hey Jackie it's Eileen. If you do get too terribly bored this week feel free to give me a ring or something and we could meet up somewhere for a day (Paris?). I'm working very little right now and I know how you feel about unwanted vacation. Starting out in a foreign country can be rough... but I hope you're having some fun.