Tuesday, January 15, 2008

new scarf?

so there's really not too much new that's happened---still haven't started school. my orientation is on thursday. yesterday stayed in (bad weather again) and just went to the post office to get a stamp and wasn't successful. by the time the guy finally understood that i just needed a stamp for the united states, i realized i had no money, and so he reluctantly let me put .85 euros on my card which didn't even end up working. emmmmmbarassing. but no biggie...now i know what to do at the post office. i went to casino to get some oragina, a baguette, and some camembert to soothe my soul...and it worked. perrine made the most delicious lemon tarte last night...i feel like i live in bakery. we at it with this stuff called le petit suisse which was yogurt-like stuff...delicious! then jacques showed us around le salon (living room?) and showed us these two paitings with a crazy story behind them---one day someone called him asking if he wanted these paintings of his relatives (the de lafarge's) and he said he did so he and perrine went to pick them up. they were of two of his relatives sometime before the first world war, and upon examing the painter's signature, they discovered that perrine's grandfather, who was a painter, had painted them! what are the odds??? probably close to a hundred years ago...he also showed us the two huge albums of their first daughter's wedding 2 years ago...everybody had these great, huge hats!

anyways, today i woke up and went to le fac (school) to make a payment but they were busy so i ended up going to bellecour to do some shopping....poor me! nothing to do except shop! i ended up re-finding a scarf i had wanted at united colors of benetton in the US, pictured above (the white balance was off but i kind of like it that way...). i am happy. i am also itching to take photographs. i am becoming more comfortable being here, so maybe more of that will happen soon. perrine made a lyonnaise dinner (aka specialties of lyon), and it was delish. pumpkin soup, potatoes au gratin (with gruyere--not as good as yours though, mama!), fresh sausage and a delcioussss apple tarte with creme anglaise...i have no idea what that would be in english...sorry. i've noticed that the french don't necessarily eat extremely healthily (well, compared to most americans they do but...). anyways, lots of bread, cheese, and pastries and no non-fat anything. i guess the key is that they walk a bunch, don't eat between meals, and eat small portions. c'est bon. et c'est tout pour moi ce soir. lataz.

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