Sunday, January 13, 2008

C'est Bon.

Josh in Barcelona and me in Lyon! I promise he was happy to be there...
So yesterday Josh got to Barcelona, and I talked to him on Skype. I only put this up here cause it's the only new pic I have. Anyways, c'est bon. That's my new favorite thing to say btw---in my head it's the equivalent to "it's all good, man." Anyways, yesterday I literally did nothing until dinner where Jacques and Theo made lots and lots of crepes. Theo had some friends over, and they were re-enacting scenes from stars wars with the corresponding movie soundtrack playing very loudly...reminds me of some Arrested Development episodes I've been watching...Anyways after that Janine and I went to Vieux Lyon to an Irish pub for Sarah's going away party where we met lots of nice people. The place was packed, and there was live music from an Irish guy playing some good songs from the White Stripes, Neil Young, Van Morrison...even some Velvet Underground! It was fun, and a drunk Irishman even borrowed the mic for a bit and sang some Irish song...felt so close to my roots! Not really though. haha! It does make me want to visit Ireland though...I really might! But Janine and I ended up missed our bus and ended up taking this taxi thing that was actually a bus, and us and about 5 other people we didn't know crammed into this little car and his route dropped us off like a mile from the house...mais, c'est bon. We made it home no worries.
Today we went to and Anglican church with Sarah, and it was really great! Really diverse, nice group of people, and we ended up going out to lunch and movie with a bunch of them. Some were from Scotland, England, New Zealand, people. Anyways we met the pastor and he's a really funny guy...his name is Chris Martin, but sadly he is not the Chris Martin in Coldplay. We saw Atonement, and I let out a sigh of relief when I realized it was subtitled and not dubbed! It was a great movie, but extremellyyyy heavy. If you've seen it you know what I mean. We all went out for un cafe afterwards at this nice little restaurant. It was the first time I didn't feel totally ashamed or nervous about speaking English in public....which could also be something not so good for ameliorating my French. Ah well. Anyways, turns out school might not start tomorrow but Thursday, so I will once again have to find things to do. There's an Egyptian exhibit at the Musee des Beaux Arts de Lyon, so perhaps I could check that out. Once more, on verra. Ciao!

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Sue Gilles said...

Jackie: Really glad to hear things are getting easier and you are exploring so many wonderful things! I am very much enjoying your photos. Perhaps sometime in the next year--we can go on a real weekend phototrip...many in us...Utah, Maine...

This semester will seriously change your life/perspective forever.

Love, Aunt Susie