Friday, January 4, 2008

Je suis ICI

au debord, c'est moi sans sommeil dans ma chambre et puis c'est la vue de ma chambre le premier jour.
basically, that's me in my new room after not sleeping for like 30 hours and then it's the view from my room. Today the jetlag was pretty bad, and even though I got over 13 hours of sleep I felt PRETTY crappy. But me and the two other exchange students (one from mexico one from north carolina) that live in the house I'm living in went to Lyon and got various necessary things--a card for the bus, le metro et...I think that's it. Then me and Janine (the American girl) broke off and went to a cafe where I ate a brie sandwich which was just bread and brie, rien d'autre...let's just say it was too much brie. Then we met a good family friend of hers who was a lifesaver...he found a bank for me to use and took us to get les telephones portables at the Part Dieu which is the biggest mall in France, evidement, which has like 400 stores...incroyable! He took us to his apartment and he bought us pastries and tea...SUCH a wonderful guy. We headed home and I had my first dinner with the family. They are GREAT by the's Jacques and Perrine de Lachaise, and they have 5 kids but only 3 are living here in the house. They're very nice and very funny...I think I'm going to like it here :) Finally, to top off the day, me, Pilar, and Janine went to Le Vieux Lyon, (the old Lyon) and had some drinks with some Mexican and Japanese friends of Pilar''s interesting when that's the main language that you have in common with's so hard using French all the time mainly because I'm just so tired still and obviously not so good at it yet. School starts Monday, and I guess tomorrow I'll just go to the grocery store or something. I don't really know what to do yet. Maybe I'll stake out a French boyfriend...I'm PRETTY dang impressed with zee guys ici. They just dress so well...Anyways, that's it for now. It's late here. Bonne nuit!


LaurenMeyer said...

I want to be you.

Sarah Dossey said...

Je suis tres jalouse a toi. (C'est correct?)

Have fun finding your French copain. And doing some real French embrass-ing.

Am I? said...

Hearing your tales makes me wish I was there! Imagine us two in France... guess I will have to live vicariously... sigh..