Saturday, January 26, 2008

just some pictures around the house on a saturday.

First, before you gaze upon these pictures, I would like to pass on the big news in the house---Amelie, their oldest daughter, is pregnant. Found out yesterday I believe. Everyone is excited...and Perrine just loves kids. Donc, continuez!
Jacques put on an apron that Intel gave him and showed me around the kitchen. These are the vegetables they were going to use for their pot-au-feu, a traditional French meal that was started by one of the Henri's (a king) that was to be eaten every Sunday.

Very enthusiastically showing me la viande, the meat. Once la mousse (the foam) covered the top, he removed it and then...did something else. Took like 3 hours to cook!

Jacques and what he calls his first masterpiece. He first gave me a tour of the kitchen and then showed me all of his statues, purely for my camera's sake. He asked if i was with "la presse," and I said, oui, avec Le Monde.

Figs thawing on the table. There were going to be for the dessert, and I think I ended up seeing them on yet another beautiful tarte.

One of Jacques' sculptures. "toujours une femme" is what he said. aka always a woman.

Me in their salon. aka drawing room.

Took this picture purely to show you Perrine's hat for her first daughter's wedding and some of the wedding photos.

Pilar eating her last yogurt and sugar. It's what we often have for dessert. (She's leaving tomorrow to travel around Europe for a couple months).

Jacques et Perrine, they were preparing for a dinner party they were having tonight.

The three colicatrices...aka roommates. Pilar, Janine, et moi.

Un orange that I bought at Casino, the grocery store. Many of them still had the leaves on them, and i enjoyed this.

The doorway and Paille passing by. Love that dog.

We found her just sitting like this. So funny.

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