Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fiasco in the supermarche

So today has been pretttyyy low-key as compared to yesterday. I woke up at 12h30 on accident when I meant to get up at 10 (I really really did!) and didn't end up leaving the house until about 14h30 or something like that. I've been soooo tired lately because 1) the jetlag of course and 2) I haven't drank coffee in the morning because they don't make any at the house...basically hell on earth for me. Ok, so I'm being a bit dramatic but I'm just so tired that it's even harder to think in French constantly. Anyways, Janine and I were going to go to the scenic overlook at a beautiful basilica in Vieux Lyon (the same quartier that we went to last night) and stopped at a boulangerie on our way to the bus stop. During that trip we decided that going to the basilica might have to wait as the weather was pretty gross...cold of course and then it started to rain. So we decided to go to Casino, which is the supermarche really close to us, to get some snacks and stuff since we only get two meals a day, and pretty much the main reason that I was a bit afraid to go there in the first place came I got some fruit and other things and brought them to the checkout where the guy said something to me about the fruit which i didn't understand, so he called "Sophie" who took them to label the price evidently, and while I was waiting, my roommate Janine came to stand with me in line and the alarm went off. The checkout guy then proceeded to ask her to empy alllll of the pockets in her huge coat and her purse, and as he took her coat from her to check it out himself I noticed one of those tags that Old Navy puts on all of their clothes to prevent shoplifting, which is what caused the alarm to go off. SOOOO embarrassing because everyone was looking at us and it was a big scene and I just was not in the mood to understand any French or respond. "Typical Americans," i'm sure they were thinking...I mean...what are the odds? Anyways we went back to the house and watched about 3 hours of Arrested Development on my computer (I'm really making an effort to learn more French, aren't I?), and I thought the day was going to be pretty eventless but then Pilar invited us to go to dinner with her Mexicaine and Japanese friends again a l'Hotel de Ville (some neighborhood....dunno where). Funny thing---we were going to go to a Japanese restaurant but it was closed, so where else did we go but "El Tex Mex." We figured it was appropriate since there was a Tex (moi) and some Mex (Pilar and her friends). Can't say the food was especially Mexicain, but it was definitely better than Tex Mex I've had up north (in the US). I even had a brownie for dessert (pronounced "broonie"). I kept forgetting that I wasn't back home besides the fact that we were all speaking French. and English. and Spanish. and some Japanese thrown in by Shoko. interesting, interesting times. Ben, c'est tout pour maintenant! Je vais prendre plus de photos hier quand je vais au Vieux Lyon. Bonne nuit!

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