Sunday, January 6, 2008

La famille

cool red door close to the house

Notre Dame De Fouriere...the Basilica. This picture does not do this thing was absolutely beautiful!

The picture really isn't as great as it could be, mainly because it was taken quite sneakily since I didn't know if pictures were allowed. Mass was in session...

Me in front of the city

The city. I'm not sure yet whether that's the Rhone river or the Saone (there are two in Lyon). You can also see le Cathedrale Saint-Jean in Vieux Lyon.

So I've had a request to tell a little bit more about the family, which I will gladly do. I'll start with Pie, the dog. He's a yellow lab and I'm glad he's around even though he smells. Then there's Jacques, the dad. He is a very friendly man who works in computers and is also an amateur artist on the side...he enjoys doing paintings and sculptures, of which there are many around the house and they're actually very good in my opinion. He joked that Colombine and Victorine were his best sculptures, though. He always has a smile on his face. Perrine, the mom, is so friendly and so very petite for having had 5 kids...and of course her style is superb. Her parents were over for lunch today and I came down looking for a spoon and she invited me and Janine to come have some food, which was bread with Roquefort and achovies, white wine, and then Au Gratin Fruits de Mare which was just a bunch of seafood in a cream sauce over rice. Thankkkk goodness because it was 2pm and I hadn't had anything to eat because I'd slept through breakfast. The kids are really funny. Colombine is 18 and she's very sweet and could be a model in my opinion. She's been studying hard for her Bac and gets out in March...crazy! Victorine is 12 and she is a character and very cute. Theophane (je ne sais pas comment on ecrit cela) is 13 and very much a 13 year old boy---goofy all the time. He cooked "un galette des rois" , aka king's cake, today which is a cake for Epiphany, and whoever finds the bean that's hidden inside become the king or queen and choses his/her king/queen to give a kiss. Victorine climbed under the table and shouted out who got the next piece while Theo passed out the cake. In the end, Victorine became queen and chose her papa to be her king. Tres mignon. In other news, Janine and I went to the Basilique today and I will attach some pictures. I'm guessing my posts will be shorter after today as school starts tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have more to do to fill up my time. A bientot!

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Kristin said...

Thanks for the detailed information on the family! I just want to know they are the type people I want my "favorite" niece living with! The supermarket episode had Kristin and me laughing out loud. Bon Chance in the days ahead.