Sunday, October 19, 2008

Done with Europe pics, Moving On to Life in the US Now.

Sarah defying gravity

What country are we in?

Local Austin artist I have befriended. He is from Trinidad and invented those people in the painting he calls "Bydee people." "Bydee" stands for "BYDEE- Bringing You Delightful Entertaining Experiences" and "their philosophy transcends all races, cultures and political beliefs because they involve the relationship of man to man, woman to woman, man to woman, parent to child, children to children, human beings to nature and one to self. Their philosophy involves family, friendship, diversity, love and happiness." source:

The artist with his art. Lovely window lighting.

In local art book store called Domy for a story.

So I really should be keeping up with this even though I am not longer thousands of miles away because I'm still shooting all the time, mainly for the Daily Texan newspaper. So here are some recent favorites.

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