Wednesday, February 20, 2008

les vacances!

So this week has been an interesting mix of fun and not fun. I've been sick (no worries, people, I'll live!), so I haven't been feeling so well and i've been resting at home. I actually got it from Theophane, Victorine and Jacques, and at any given time in the house you can hear one of us coughing...At the dinner table they jokingly separate "les malades des pas malades" or "the sick from the not sick"--it's funny cause it's 4 and 4 right now. so that's the not-so-fun part, but on the other hand, the kids have off from school so they've been home a lot more than usual. This means many things...first, everyone is a little more light-hearted. Dinner-time is especially fun because the kids don't have to go to bed early for school, so we take our time discussing things and joking, and for the past few nights we've all stayed up watching movies. The first night we watched un film qui etait tellement beau that was called "Les Choristes," which was a somewhat well-known French movie about this all boys school where a choir was started to help them shape up...sort of. The next night we watched Jurassic Park, then Shrek 2, (all in french--interesting) and tonight we watch the Lyon vs. Manchester United football match that's actually here in Lyon tonight, and it's a big deal because Lyon is the best team in France and ManU is a really good team as well...

Anyways, yesterday I went to this really cool Salon de The or tea room with my friend Frank called Arabesque that's a flower shop with the tea room up top. They have all these teas and drinks with flower flavors like mimosa and even geranium, and they served everything with rose petals. It was really schnaz. I'm trying to find more interesting things to do outside now that it seems to be getting warmer....of course, when I leave this weekend it's goign to be in the 60's here! I can't wait for spring! Well I must go to sleep now. Bonne nuit!

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